Mission Statement  


School Mission Statement

Tarrant Intermediate School is a school that promotes a positive environment with high expectations. We strive to be consistent, supportive, and cooperative with all stakeholders. Tarrant Intermediate School implements this by: teaching the 3 R’s, emphasizing STAR, using data driven goals, and encouraging students to be motivated.


School Vision Statement

The vision of Tarrant Intermediate School is to promote students in taking academic responsibility, respect for others, being resourceful, and striving for excellence.

School Belief Statements


o   Administrators support all stakeholders consistently and fairly

o   Administrators are effective communicators with realistic views   

     and goals

o   Administrators are available, approachable, and trustworthy



o   Teachers exhibit professional behaviors with high expectations

o   Teachers are proactive, lifelong learners who are driven by data

     and experience

o   Teachers are balanced, consistent, and flexible facilitators who

     work as a team



o   Students are intrinsically motivated life long learners

o   Students demonstrate the 3 R’s and focus on the big picture

o   Students are goal oriented and self monitoring in a

     collaborative/cooperative learning environment



o   Parents are open-minded effective communicators

o   Parents and community are involved and nurture our students’

     development effectively through the 4 dimensions

o   Parents and community feel important, valued, and supported in

     the school setting

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