We are super excited about our growing collection of ebooks that allow our students to read books online at home and school!

       This year we have also established a multicultural section in our library. This section of our library was added to ensure that our English as a Second Language students would be able to grow as readers. Some of these titles are printed in their native languages and others are dual language format. As we explore these new additions, the readers are discovering how much we have in common!

    The 2016-2017 school year has also blessed us with the addition of 3 ipads for student use during their time in the media center. The addition of this technology is allowing students an opportunity to again take Accelerated Reader tests when time permits during library visits.


 Library Rules and Expectations  

Be Respectful                 

* Listen for instruction                 

* Follow procedures                     

* Keep hands/feet to self               

Be Responsible

* Use inside voice

* Wait your turn

* Take care of school property

Be Resourceful

* Be safe

* Report problems to adults



Media Collection


        Our physical collection contains approximately 7,000 print titles available for student circulation. We also have a professional library collection that contain titles teachers may check out to enhance their professional development opportunities and/or use in as supplemental materials in their classrooms.

       At TIS, each classroom teacher has an LCD projector and an ELMO document camera housed in thier room. In each of our instructional classrooms, students and staff also  have a tech tub of IPadS! We have four carts of Macbook Pro Computers that may be checked out  to use for classroom testing and research purposes. We are super excited about the many opportunities our students and staff have been given to embrace the digital world through our technology devices!


    Circulation Policy

1.     Students may check out two books at a time. 

2.     Students are responsible for the items that are checked out in

        their name. If items are defaced, damaged, or lost, students

         must  pay to have the items replaced. 

3.     If a student incurs a fine, they will not be allowed to check out

       other items until all financial obligations have been met. 


Fines and Fees


              Students will be charged a fine of 10 cents per day for each overdue item. Fines will continue to grow until items are returned or fine exceeds the replacement cost of the item. Fine notices will be sent home with students. Students owing fines will not be allowed to participate in dress out days or fun trips and activities until financial obligations have been addressed.




         Classes will have the opportunity to check-out books once a week. Students are responsible for all materials checked out in their name. Books must be returned to the book drops located on each floor the day before the scheduled class visit in order for students to be able to check out additional items. When time allows, students will be able to take Acccelerated Reader tests during their scheduled class times. The more you read, the more you will keep on reading!

          This year, every other Monday will allow students a second time to visit the library. On these days, we will participate in many different types of learning activities from learning new skills to practicing what we have learned, it will be an exciting time for all. We hope that as time permits you will pop in and see the exciting things we have going on!