Arrival/ Dissmissal Procedures

Attendance is very important at TES!

Doors open at 7:20 am every morning. Our school day starts at 7:30 am and dismisses at 2:50 pm (or 1:00 pm for early dismissal days). Students are tardy at 7:40 am.

Arrival Procedures

Please drive slowly & pay attention to the crossing guard while dropping your child off each morning. Drop off students in the carpool lane closest to the school. Please do not drop off students in the second lane. At 7:40 am students are tardy. At this time, please walk your child inside the building to sign him/her in.

Morning care is available at 7:00 am for a charge of $1 per day per child. Any student dropped off before 7:20 am will be placed into morning care for a charge of $1.

Dismissal Procedures

Please drive slowly & pay attention to the crossing guard while picking your child up each afternoon. Dismissal begins at 2:50 pm (1:00 pm on early dismissal days). In order to prepare for dismissal, checkouts end at 2:30 pm (12:30 on early dismissal days).  An I.D. is required to check out a student. Anyone checking out a student must be on their checkout list.

Students who are not picked up by 3:20 pm (1:30 pm on early dismissal days) will be placed into after school care. There is a $10 charge per child per day. This amount is due upon pick up of your child. If your child is picked up by a daycare, please understand daycares are not exempt from this charge. It is the parent(s) /guardian(s) responsibility to inform your child’s daycare of early dismissal days and the after school care charge.


All car riders and walkers need a decal to be picked up. Decals need to hang from your mirror when picking students up or carry it if they are walkers. If you do not have your decal, you will be asked to come inside the building with your I.D. You can purchase additional decals for $1.00 if lost.

View videos of Arrival/Dismissal Procedures Below: