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Welcome to the home of Tarrant's Elementary Music Program and the TIS Blue Regiment Cadet Band! 

This space is a place for parents and students alike to explore musical websites and learn more about music!

Welcome to Music!


Music Links

Our School's Music Curriculum

  • Quaver's Marvelous World of Music-Quaver is our school system's music curriculum. Each student has a login and is encouraged to explore Quaver activities at home and in their free time! 

Aural Training



Musical Instruments


Symbols and Vocabulary


 These websites could not be limited to one particular musical focus but have several online music education games covering a wide variety of musical instruments and elements.

*Thanks to the "I'm a General Music Teacher" Facebook group members for compiling this awesome list for us to use*

Music Chalkboard Art and Quaver's Marvelous Wall of Musical Words!

Music is my Lucky Charm!

2/3 Word Wall

Band Links

Standards of Excellence by Kjos Music

Discover the method book used by the band program and purchase one online for yourself if you need one.

Kjos Interactive Practice Studio

You can get a 12-month subscription to this in order to practice at home with access to practice recordings and have access to tons of resources and goodies geared toward your instrument. There is no error detection like on SmartMusic, and it is only for the method book we use in class, but it may be more affordable to some families. 

Bailey Brothers Music

A local music store where our families can obtain instruments and supplies on US 280.

Gadsden Music Company

A local music store where our families can obtain instruments and supplies on Valleydale Rd.

Art's Music Shop

A local music store where our families can obtain instruments and supplies on US 280. 

Gift of Music Foundation

This is the foundation out of Atlanta, GA that has partnered with us to help provide students with instruments. 

Music For All

The organization that is the umbrella organization of Bands of America and the I-65 Corridor Project the Blue Regiment is taking part in along with bands in other parts of Alabama, Tennesee, Kentucky, and Indiana to help bands in urban areas. 

Smart Music

SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, helping musicians to develop and grow.


A metronome to help you keep time when you practice. 

Practice Sightreading

Become an amazing sight-reader and become one of the best players in our band.

Rhythm Counter

Can't figure out a rhythm? Use this tool!

Learn how to write music by learning how music is written! (Get started here.- Thanks to our friends at Upper Moreland Middle School in Hatboro, PA for this handout!)

Music Racer

Learn note names, fingerings, and music terms. How fast can you go?

Music Trainer

Train your ears and your brain to be a better musician!

Printable Staff Paper

Print blank staff paper so you can write your own music!


Write professional-looking music on your computer FOR FREE!


If you find any other sites you want Mr. Phillips to add to this site, please e-mail him the link.