ADA Compliance

Ingrid Abner, Technology Coordinator

(205) 849-3700

After School Program

Kelley Javinett, Community Education Coordinator

Contact: (205) 849-3700

Assessment & Accountability

Ingrid Abner, Testing Coordinator

(205) 849-3700

Board of Education

Dr. Shelly Mize, Superintendent

Martha Vaughn, Executive Secretary

(205) 849-3700

Child Nutrition Program

Kelley Javinett, Director

(205) 849-3700

Facilities & Maintenance

James Vaughn, Coordinator

(205) 849-3700

Federal Programs

Dr. Lora Perry, Coordinator

(205) 849-3700


John Lewis, Chief School Financial Officer

(205) 849-3700

Human Resources

Martha Vaughn, Human Resources Officer

Cynthia Hampton, Administrative Secretary

Contact: (205) 849-3700

Student Services

Andrew Smith, Director Of Student Learning

Special Education Coordinator

Contact: (205) 849-3700


Jimann Edmonds, Secretary

Early Intervention Notifications

SETS/Records Information

Superintendent's Academic and Professional Experience

Dr. Sherlene McDonald, Superintendent

Contact: (205) 849-3700


Deana Goodwine, Technology Coordinator

Contact: (205)849-3700


Rodney Kennamer, Transportation Coordinator

Contact: (205) 849-3700